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Bears vs. Raiders Pregame Thread

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I am fairly tepid in my confidence about this game. It is all the injuries. It sounds like Richard Seymour and Lamarr Houston will be able to play, which really helps, but how effective will they be.

The defensive line needs to set the tone for this one, and that is going to be hard if Seymour and Houston can provide little more than a few snaps to give other guys breathers.

It is going to be up to the beasts in the trenches to close Matt Forte's running lanes to free up the LBs to keep an eye on him for dump off and screens. Forte is going to be the focus of the Bears' offense, and the Raiders can't commit their front seven to the line of scrimmage to contain him. The Bears use him too much out of the backfield for that to be an effective strategy.

Offensively, this team is going to be without a ton of weapons and playmakers. A big load falls on Michael Bush's shoulders. He's had over 60 touches the last two weeks. Let's hope he is ready for 30 more this week. All in all, I am feeling 60 percent confident in victory. How 'bout you?