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Welcome To The 2011 Playoffs Oakland Raiders: First Opponent Miami in Miami

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Well, this is it. This is what every football fan who bleeds silver and black has been waiting for, the Oakland Raiders are in the Playoffs. It just so happens that the games are starting 5 games earlier this year.

With the Broncos owning every current tie breaker over the Raiders, and with Tebow refusing to "Bow" or break, the Raiders need to see every game as a Playoff game.

This week's opponent will be a big test to this beat up team. If there were ever a week to wish for Darren McFadden tomake his illustrious return, it would be this week against the Dolphins. In fact, it would be great to get Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford and a healthy Chris Johnson back too.

The Dolphins are probably the streakiest team in the NFL at this point. They lost seven in a row and could/should be on a four game winning streak as I type this.

In the last four weeks they have allowed a total of 39 points while scoring 106. To put that in perspective, the Oakland Raiders have surrendered 96 points while scoring 100. On paper and on the road, the Raiders are definitely the underdogs in this game.

Unless the offense can find a way to get into the end zone on a regular basis on Sunday, the Broncos, who face the Vikings on the road, will probably be in 1st place. So, this is Playoff Week #1. Go Raiders!!!