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Raiders vs. Packers: Game Moved, but Not to Primetime

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The Raiders vs. Packers should have been flexed to primetime. It is likely to be a matchup featuring an undefeated team vs. a team with at the least a share of first place in their division.

Instead, it was simply pushed back to a 4:15 p.m. EST start. The Giants vs. Dallas will remain in the primetime Sunday night spot. That game is not without its impact. The Giants are currently just a game behind the Cowboys for first place in the NFC East.

However, the Giants are falling apart. They've lost three straight games, and they looked horrible against the Saints last Monday night.

This decision was made because of the market size of Dallas and New York. While that is always a solid business decision, NBC and the NFL are missing a great opportunity to highlight a fascinating matchup.

The Raiders may get their Sunday Night Football game the following week when they play the Lions. The Ravens vs. the Chargers was originally scheduled. You have to believe that one will be flexed. The only other matchup close to being as compelling as the Lions and Raiders is the Broncos vs. Patriots.

That looks like a lopsided matchup, but we can't underestimate the Tebow effect there. Tebow vs. Brady may be too much golden boy power for the execs to resist.