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Broncos vs. Raiders Injury Report: Darren McFadden is Out and Ankles Have Still Not Healed

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The Raiders are the team coming off of the bye in their matchup with Denver, but you'd never know it by looking at the injury report.

The Raiders injury report is as long as it was before they went on bye. The good news is that only three players have been ruled out, and everyone else is at least questionable. As expected, Daren McFadden is out. He is joined by Chris Johnson and Jason Campbell.

There were rumors that the Raiders were going to IR Chris Johnson. It is good to see that hasn't happened yet. It would be nice if he could contribute something this season.

Apparently the bye week was not enough time for ankles of Michael Huff and Rolando McClain to heal. McClain's had all the looks of the dreaded high ankle sprain. And that is not a quick recover. He didn't practice until Friday, and then he was limited. 

I imagine he will probably play, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to him taking this week off and letting his ankle fully heal.

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