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Oakland Raiders Power Play of the Week

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How do you pick a power play when your team was humiliated and gave up 300 yards rushing? It is not easy. All the power was with the Broncos. At least in the second half.

So I am picking the one play where I reached my high point as a fan in this game, and that is the touchdown pass to Marcel Reece.

At that point it was 17-7, and I was chalking this one up as a victory. It also was one hell of a pass.

That pass right there was the reason Hue Jackson traded for Palmer. He destroyed two deep coverage with a picture perfect pass that landed in the hands of the most versatile fullback in the NFL. Things were looking amazing at point.

They took a turn for the worse. But the promise of the offense shown in the glimpse of that play and the TD pass to Ford remain.

I am excited about this offense. I am petrified of the defense.

Check out the play. It starts at 13 seconds into the video.

denver broncos oakland raiders week 9 2011 (via jimmerjimmerjimmer4)