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Raiders vs. Packers Pregame Thread

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Here we are. Four games left, tied for the division lead, although trailing in the tiebreaker, facing an undefeated opponent while the Broncos face the suddenly hopeless Bears. This is not a great position to be in.

It is safe to say I am nervous about the looming transpiring of the day's events.

There is little reason to think the Raiders will win this game. Yet, this is the exact kind of position that has lead to stunning Raider victories in recent years. This team often seems to be at their best when their backs are against the wall and no one expects them to win.

If they are going to win, it has to start with dominance in the trenches. The defensive line has to play their best game of the season—especially the defensive ends. Lamarr Houston has failed to live up to expectations this year. It is time for him to have a big game. On the other side, Kamerion Wimbley needs to turn in another performance like he had against the Chargers.

This team needs to give Aaron Rodgers no time to throw the ball. Otherwise, this defense will suffer a similar outcome that we saw in the second half against the Bills, or another game like the Patriots game.

Offensively, the Raiders O-line must open up consistent holes for Michael Bush, and give Carson Palmer plenty of time to connect with his depleted receiving corp.

If the Raiders can dominate in the trenches, they have a chance. However, to say I am confident in a Raider victory would be a stretch. I put my confidence level at a flat 14.7 percent.