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How much do you want a Raider win today?

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Here's a hypothetical for you to ponder:

Would you rather beat GB and go on to sweep Detroit, KC, and SD to finish with an 11-5 record but miss the playoffs by the tie-breaker with Denver, or would you prefer to lose to GB and finish 8-8 or 9-7 but make the playoffs as a Wildcard?

As one who watched the Raiders Packers SB II and endured the 33-14 outcome (which turned, imo, on Bird's fumbled punt return in GB territory, I thirsted (and still thirst) for revenge against "Lombardi's team." The similarities between Bart Starr and Aaron Rogers, between Daryle Lamonica and Carson Palmer, between Michael Bush and Pete Banazak, and Marcel Reece and Hewert Dixon and others are striking.

"the Mad Bomber" Daryle Lamonica - Oakland Raiders (via DtchMastr)

... Just because I love him and hope Carson loves him too.