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Raiders vs.Packers: Pirate Ship Sinking

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It wasn't the loss, but the way they lost. Two weeks in a row a befuddled team slept walk through an ass-kicking. Mistakes reigned like cannon balls blowing holes in the bow, stern, port, starboard and other sailing termed parts of boats.

We are now adrift in life rafts in the middle of the open playoff seas. However, there is hope. The Raiders still have an excellent shot at making the playoffs should they win out. The problem with that is after a debacle like the one, that does not seem likely. There is not one facet of the Raiders game to feel good about right now.

The running game has vanished. Carson Palmer is chucking interceptions like that is the point quarterbacking. The run defense is as bad as ever, and the pass defense is vulnerable because the once dominant defensive line has become completely ordinary.

The most disturbing part of this loss was the Raiders inability to crank up the running game. The Packers are horrible on run defense and Michael Bush gained 78 yards at 3.4 yards per carry. Where o where hath this run game gone?

The only reason for hope is that the Raiders are due to get some players back. Well, that and they pull their heads out of their asses. There is at least precedence for that scenario.

Last year, the Raiders had a similar two week stretch against the Steelers and the Dolphins. They were outscored 68-20 and were never in either game. It was eerily similar to the past two games.

The Raiders came out of that stretch with an impressive 28-13 win over the Chargers, a heartbreaking 38-31 loss to the Jags and then a solid 39-23 win over the Broncos.

There was no apparent reason for the turnaround. Let's just hope they can do something similar this season. And while things seem dark now, and everyone wants everyone to be fired, if the Raiders come out and beat the Lions next week, everything will seem far better, and this team will be in the thick of the playoff race.