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Mark Davis and Amy Trask Must Now Intervene

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After two-weeks of watching the horror show of coaching and player indiscipline in various forms: missed tackles, missed blocks, bad angles, unconscionable sets and play selection, blown and unfinished routes, dropped passes, penalties, failure to pursue, false starts and so forth, one thing is certain: The Raiders need strong leadership and immediate intervention to save the remaining three games and the dignity of the Oakland Raider franchise.

As Owner and C.E.O., the responsibility lies with you, Mark and Amy, to intervene. Hue Jackson is in over his head and losing the lockerroom and the fans. Our Defensive Coordinator, Chuck Bresnahan could hardly do a worse job. When I watch our CBs giving the WRs 7 yards cushion instead of "playing like Raiders" with bump-n-run, when I see the LBs back off 15 yards on 3rd and 19, when I see us rush three defensive lineman in passing situations, I lose heart and my thoughts turn grimly to cynical hopelessness.

Please make your voices heard, intervene and take a leadership role now. A pro-temp GM (for example, John Madden) would impose order and put coaches and players on notice that everyone will be held accountable for their good and bad performances; this would send a strong message to what has become a social club of paid amateurs.

Thank you.

And God bless and help the Raiders.