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Checking the Pulse of Raider Nation

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We are all full of doom, gloom and venom after the disgusting embarrassment we have been forced to witness over the past two weeks. There is little reason for hope, and the prevailing attitude is that sweeping changes need to be made.

While the playoffs are sill within grasp, it is absurd to mention them after the way they have played the last half a month. It's been appalling and the nation is pissed.

To demonstrate this, I took a handful of comments following the second straight debacle. Jump over to see those. I apologize for the difference in text size and the fact that some are hard to read. I have no idea why they copied like that, which means I also have no idea how to fix it.


by raiderrob67


by Wyoraider


by DK209




by JaggerJaw


by Raiderfanaddict

That is just a small sampling of the comments following the Raiders loss to the Dolphins on November 28th of 2010.

There were plenty more where that came from, but most of them contained names that would have given away when they were from, and that would have defeated my point.

My point is that why things seem bleak, they can quickly turnaround. Following that game last year the Raiders were set to face a Chargers team that was on fire. The thought way they were going to get destroyed. They didn't. They won easily 28-13.

That Chargers team had won five straight games and scored 71 points in their last two. They were a far more imposing team than the Lions team that enters this week. The Lions have a solid record, but they have been self destructing.

Don't give up yet. There are still three games for this team to save face from their debacle of the last two weeks. While it is hard to imagine the Raiders turning it around, the majority of the players on this team did the same thing last year, and we are just one win away from happier times.