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What The Hell Is Wrong With Raider Nation?

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I have to say that I am disgusted by what I have been reading here lately. Seriously!

Show of hands, "How many of you SERIOUSLY thought that this team would be more than 9-7 or 10-6 when the season started?"

Now, how many of you thought that the team could win that many games IF, they lost Jason Campbell, AL DAVIS, Darren McFadden and Matt Shaughnessy before the bye? Not to mention, have only had Jacoby Ford healthy for two games!

I am all for having a sound board for letting the emotions flow, but, I also feel that I have to be the voice of reason or this ship, Silver and Black Pride, in particular, becomes a nesting ground for haters and trolls!

Despite facing the adversity of losing the head of your organization, owner, gm, defensive head coach, head of player personnel, starting quarterback, All World running back, and most improved defensive player this team is 7-6 and only one game out of the Division lead AND the Wild Card.

In Fact, even with all of this adversity, it has taken an act of A-Mazing proportions for the Broncos to even be ahead of Oakland at this time!

I know the pain of this franchise not meeting expectations for nearly a decade, but, that is NOT this team. This team has faced more on the field adversity than any team I can EVER recall, yet, they are still in position for the playoffs? That, in itself, should be lauded!!!

So, move over haters, yes, Hue is a rookie head coach and we KNEW THAT coming into this season. There will be growing pains and lately he has had to be the HC, GM and PP man.

Cut this team some slack, or more importantly cut yourself and those of us who actually LOVE this team some slack by writing your HATE somewhere else. It is growing old.

Question all you want and die with the rest of us when they lose, but, don't beat that drum of hate, because I am through with it.

- Saint