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Lions vs. Raiders Pregame Thread

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It's time to right the pirate ship for the Oakland Raiders. They either get things turned around and muster a win against the Detroit Lions or they continue off into the abyss.

If the Raiders want to stay relevant in the wild card race they have to win this game. Otherwise they will fall into a long list of improbable events required to get them into the playoffs that will never happen.

As far as the division race goes, this game isn't nearly as important. Assuming the Patriots beat the Broncos, The Raiders could go 3-0 or 2-1 in their remaining three games and will only win the division if the Broncos lose to the Chiefs in their season finale.

What is vitally important, no matter what happens, is that the Raiders play better. They can't continue on their path of lackluster efforts. They must play better, or it is time to start thinking of next season.

As far as my feeling for this game, my gut is as blank as a fart. My inner-confidence in this team is traumatized into a catatonic stupor. Forcing myself to rate my confidence in this game, I am going at 37.3 percent. I can't go any higher until this team proves to me they can play better.