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Lions vs. Raiders: Agony of Defeat Finds a New Standard-bearer

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If you are reading this, than you are part of a family that shares a bond of unique torment. You are a true Raider fan.

This is a team that has specialized in finding diverse and new ways to punish their fan base. The weak-hearted have been thoroughly weeded out.

For years we suffered through a monotonous drone of losing seasons. This left us all hungry for better days, and a team that was relevant. Now the team has become relevant, but this has only served to increase the level to which we are vulnerable to torment.

It is a special mix of hopes and expectations, and staggering disappointments to ascend to this level. The Raiders have just raised the bar on breaking hearts.

It has been a two year process, and Sunday's game was the culmination of the anguish. This game saw last year's Jaguars defeat and raised it up a notch.

The Raiders rebounded from two dismal performances to play an inspired effort, and appeared just minutes away from being right in the heart of the playoff race, but it all came crashing down with yet another inexplicable late game collapse.

How does a defense let Calvin Johnson get behind them in the two minute drill? This kind of thing does not happen on an NFL field...unless it is the Raiders.

There are so many what ifs, but they are all too painful to recollect. This team is so close, yet so far away. We've gotten a taste of success, but our spleens are bleeding from the kick to the guts. Yet here we are faithful fans, still caring about a team that seems like it will never crest the hill.