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Door is Open for Rolando McClain to Play vs. Dolphins

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Rolando McClain is going to play on Sunday...I think. Jerry McDonald, who has a lot more first hand knowledge and observations of the Raiders than I, doesn't think so. Here's McDonald:

After missing a week of practice after being excused to attend a funeral and then winding up in a police report, it’s hard to imagine McClain playing against Miami.

McDonald's sentiment is reinforced with what Hue told the team before they broke for the bye week. Jackson:

What I told them, most important, is one, that you represent this organization and this team and don’t do anything stupid that will cost you not to be a member of this football team.

However, Jackson has certainly left the door open for the possibility of McClain playing. Here is Jackson following practice before the team left for Miami:

The league's going to do what they're going to do, and I respect that. But this isn't right now about the league. This is about the Raiders and this organization and coach Jackson and this football team. We'll deal with it accordingly when that time comes. Again, until I have an opportunity to sit down with the player face to face, will I finalize my determination.
The fact that Jackson is said that until he had a chance to sit down with McClain tells me he is going to play. Although, I wouldn't go as far as to say I guarantee it. I think we can expect Rolando to say the right things to Jackson.

Rolando wants to play. He beat the Raiders to their hotel in Miami. CSN Bay Area saw him in the hotel and got a brief quote from him. "I've been advised to not say anything," McClain told CSN. "Best thing I can do is just stay quiet and get ready for the game."

However, Hue Jackson is likely going to want Rolando McClain to admit he is going to stop acting like a fool, and Rolando may not be ready to admit that he was a fool in the first place.

When the reported asked if he expected to play. "No reason why I shouldn't," he answered.

No reason! Really? How about you've just been arrested for four misdemeanors and then posed for one of the all-time stupid in handcuffs photos ever.

My goodness. Hopefully this was just his short answer to the press.