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Oakland Raiders Path to the Playoffs

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There are plenty of possibilities for the Raiders to get into the playoffs. Even if they lose this week, they will still have a shot of making the playoffs if they beat the Chargers. Even if they will have no hope if they do not beat the Chargers.

To win the west it is simple. The Raiders win out and the Broncos lose to the Chiefs. The wild card picture is far more convoluted.

I can say with a certain amount of confidence that if the Raiders win out they be in the playoffs.

If the Raiders win out they will win the wild card if:

The Jets lose at least one, the Bengals at least one and the Titans lose at least one, or:

The Bengals lose one, the Titans win out, the Jets lose to the Giants, but beat the Dolphins.

For some tie breaking reason the Raiders will lose the tie breaker to the Titans if the Dolphins beat the Jets in Week 17.

If the Raiders lose to the Chiefs, but beat the Chargers they will get the wild card if:

The Bengals and Jets lose their last two, and the Titans lose one or two, and the Chiefs lose to the Broncos.

Jets Remaining Schedule

Week 16: Giants

Week:17: @ Dolphins

Bengals Remaining Schedule

Week 16: Cardinals

Week 17: Ravens

Titans Remaining Schedule

Week 16: Jaguars

Week 17: @ Texans

Raiders Remaining Schedule

Week 16: @ Chiefs

Week 17: Chargers