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Raiders vs. Chiefs Pregame Thread

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The Raiders roll into Kansas City to take on the hated Chiefs with the season on the line. The Chiefs are fresh off of one of the biggest upsets of the season as they beat the Packers last week, and the Raiders are fresh off of one of the biggest collapses of the season.

The Chiefs destroyed the Raiders 28-0 the first time these two met this season. The Raiders were done in that game by amazingly inept QB play. One thing we know for certain is that the QB won't be worse this week. It is essentially impossible.

Still, to expect Carson Palmer to light it up would be foolish. KC's secondary is playing outstanding. However, they continue to struggle on offense.

That means this one is going to fall largely on the defense's shoulders. That is a scary proposition.

The Raiders will need to get the ground game going, protect the rock, and keep from mind-numbing defensive meltdowns to come out victorious.

My gut is feeling slightly optimistic this week—62.4 percent chance of Raider victory.