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Raider Nation! Raider Nation! : Some Tunes For You!

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Permission for each of these songs was given to me personally for this site. Let's get some love from Ice Cube and the HazzzMatttt Boyz!!!!!!!!

Cube's people reached out to our site directly when they launched this song and we were one of the first in the Raider Nation to hear this cut.

HazMatz Tribute to Al Davis:

The HazMatz rep the Raider fans directly out of the parking lot. They caught the essence of the way we all felt when Mr. Davis passed away. This season has definitely had a heaviness that I have never known as a fan of any team and this song captures that. Shout out to the HazMatz!

Now, if jazz , NFL Films and the sound of Bill King's (RIP) voice are what you're into you may like this one:

Let no thing possess you that you do not dictate. Today is it for all of us who have been a part of this season. Let's Go Raiders!!!