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It ALL Comes Down To This: One Game For A Chance At Life

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The chase for the playoffs has become a playoff of it's own for the players and fans of the Oakland Raiders who find themselves trailing the Denver Broncos by one game and in the tie-breakers, while they are tied with San Diego and ahead of Kansas City by one game. Nobody has been eliminated and there are only two weeks left. With 8 combined games left, 6 are Divisional Games. This thing is FAR from over but, in 8 short hours from now, the picture will be quite clear and it will most likely not contain the loser of today's game between the Raiders and Chiefs.

No matter what has happened in each team's season they find themselves still playing for something today. They both lost their starting running back and quarterbacks. Both, have had key defensive players out for either the season or long stretches and the Raiders lost Al Davis. All of this coming at a time when there was very little off-season preparation would bury some teams, but NOT these two.

There are no two but's about it, THIS will be a classic AFC West game that both teams will remember, perhaps even, for a great while.