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Halftime Thread: Somehow the Score Is 3-3

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I am still burning about Hue not calling a time-out and getting a chance at another run back! Idiota!

Just like the 2011 Season to date, the Oakland Raiders played a roller coaster 1st half.

There was a fake field goal for a touchdown...Called back for delay of game.

There was a 91 yard kick-off return...There were 10 penalties.

There was a MADE Janikowski Field Goal, a missed attempt that hit the crossbar and an attempt that was never made that perhaps should have been and a blocked field goal to end the half!

There was a Giordano interception in the end zone and two Carson Palmer picks that should have NEVER been thrown.

In short, it was a microcosm of the Oakland Raider 2011 Season. A ton of upside with just enough downside to be 7-7.

Let's break it down and get ready for the 2nd Half.

In other news, Buffalo is up 17-7 on Denver.