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The Bomb

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Santa came early for Raider Nation, and he delivered a block, and a bomb to Darrius Heyward-Bey. What bomb you say? This bomb:

(via EliTheClutch)

Unless my memory fails, and let's be honest it isn't hard to remember every DHB catch, this is the first time DHB has caught anything resembling a go route.

And it couldn't have come at a better time!

This was a well designed play. The fake reverse froze the safety, and DHB sold the run by starting his route as if he was going to block. He then made sure the safety on him would be on the inside by going towards the middle and then veering to the outside.

The throw didn't hit DHB in stride, but it was perfect all the same. Carson led him to the outside away from the defender and put the ball in the best spot to make and easy catch for DHB. It is also worth mentioning that this ball traveled about 60 yards in the air. Awesome!

It was a ballsy play call and that is certainly Hue's MO. I love it. This can backfire as it did last week, but these plays are working and the guys are getting open. And this one ended the overtime in one play in front of a hostile crowd.

It was also eerily similar to last year's OT game with the Chiefs.—one play, OT over! See you next year KC!

Jacoby Ford 47-yard game winning catch on Brandon Flowers (via sanjit530)

So Happy Holidays to us, Raider Nation! We deserve this!