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A Just Win Baby?

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So a do or die game approaches for the 2012 Oakland Raiders at the coliseum, and as I've said if indeed this final game vs. the San Diego Chargers should have playoff implications I'd be obliged to attend. You see, I purchased season tickets with intentions to maybe attend three or four games and sell the rest to help finance more long round trips, similar to how I did last season, but already attended more than I had planned, and also figured this being the New Year's holiday, that I might be travelling or elsewhere. Since I already gave my seat to another friend of my good friend with whom I share the two seats in the Black Hole, I thought to take advantage of the next season down payment offer for two free tix, but unfortunately just missed out on the final allotted seats.

So, I purchased two more seats for my very pregnant Patriots' fan wife and I, in the section above the Black Hole, between the goal posts, where I will probably buy next year as well. Of course, for the two of us the questions have already surfaced: Will he be a fan of the Oakland Raiders, or the New England Patriots?

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Bringing the Patriots' fan wife to the coliseum for a Raiders game, you ask, pregnant no less?

As some of you already know, this will not be our first trip together, and I believe under normal circumstances she'd have wished to skip this one having no interest, but for it being New Year's and that we've hardly spent the holiday apart since we've been together. I think deep down inside I want our unborn child to be present for this moment, and there's definitely a part of me that thinks this event will do much to determine which color jersey our son--we've decided to call him Rhys--will ultimately wear. For those curious, it's a Welsh spelling of the surname of a certain nightmare mismatch FB on our squad. It's actually kind of serendipitous we're all going, and my wife knows that the fan I am requires I go. Our son Rhys, whose middle name has yet to be determined will be due in April, and neither of us have any plans or interest in trying to make our son become anything but the best person he can be. Of course, just like I was nearly certain he would be a boy, I think the odds say he'll want to be like his father and don the Silver and Black. I think my wife probably would agree.

I must admit, after watching a few weeks in a row like the last few we've had, and how my Sunday's are roller coasters of emotion and that I'm a pretty difficult person to be around for most, especially if they're not Raiders fans and even moreso if not fans of the game, that I would certainly have to warn any child embarking on the endeavor of becoming a fan of this game that choosing this team is not for the faint of heart, but in giving that notion deep thought I ultimately remembered that we are really born Raiders, and I think in a few months this world will witness it happen again in my son.

The fact I can look past the enormous character flaw that is being a fan of the New England Patriots and still love my wife completely and totally demonstrates I will love my own no less should he decide... no, should he not be the newest member of the Raider clan that is; I will wonder if he's mine, but I'll love him no less. I also told my wife the first gifts we'd receive from folks for the baby would be Raiders' gear: a baby Raiders stocking hung from the tree when we arrived in Las Vegas where her Mother and family live.

But seriously, I look forward to being there to witness a chance at Raiders history again. Christmas eve was historic when the Ghost to the Post took place decades ago, and this one had some great bombs that may just go down in history too should something miraculous happen this week. I can't wait to be there on New Years' day doing what I said I would do before the season began in rooting this team on to victory and feel grateful I'll be able to do it with my Raider brethren, my wife and our child for his first trip to the Black Hole.

I think fate probably decided Rhys will be a Raider, and I'm thinking Sunday will be special for a lot of reasons for Raider Nation. RIP, Mr. Davis. We feel your presence is still with us.

Just win, baby.

photos from "The Next Generation."