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What is the Biggest Obstacle in the Oakland Raiders' Playoff Dream?

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Are you more concerned about the Raiders winning on Sunday, or the scenarios it takes beyond their control required to get them into the playoffs?

Personally, I am feeling pretty confident about both. However, accepting the reality of the Raiders making the playoffs has become such a foreign concept that I am having a hard time accepting that confidence. When it comes down to it, I am more concerned about the Raiders winning.

The outside outcomes required to get the Raiders into the playoffs is far from guaranteed, but they are likely. The Broncos are falling apart. Their secondary is ravaged by injury and the defense is hemorrhaging points. They have given up at least 35 points in three of their last four games.

Last week, a big part of the reason they gave up so many points was due to Tebow's fit of turnovers. However, their defense wasn't stopping anything. CJ Spiller gained 111 yards on just 16 carries. I like the Chiefs chances in that game.

And that's just one possibility. The other starts with the Ravens beating the Bengals. The Ravens will be playing knowing that a win earns them the AFC North title. You have got to believe their defense will be fired up.

Baltimore already beat the Bengals in a close 31-24 game. That game was an anomaly. The Bengals torched the Ravens' defense. The 24 points is the most Cincinnati has scored since Week 9, and they gained more yards in that game than they have any game this season. It was also the most yards the Ravens have given up all year.

That can't possible happen again, can it? If the Bengals lose, the Raiders then only need to worry about the Titans beating the Texans and the Jets losing to the Dolphins. This one actually concerns me a bit. Both the Titans and Dolphins are favored. Still, I am feeling pretty good that the this will work out in the Raiders favor.

That leaves us with the Raiders keeping up their end of the bargain, and the way they have been blowing late leads it is impossible to feel comfortable in any game they play.

They dominated the Chargers in their first matchup, and they still only won by seven. We'll have more on this matchup to come, but this is the half of the equation that worries me more. How 'bout you?