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Words of Encouragement For Oakland Raider Cornerback Chris Johnson

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The loss of a family member in the manner in which Chris Johnson lost his sister, being stolen from your family by a jealous person's bullets, is sudden and tragic, to say the least.

I can only imagine what thoughts would go through my mind if that were to happen to anyone in my family. My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris Johnson at this time that he find enough calmness to be the rudder for his family during this difficult time and that he is able to mourn his sister.

Raider Nation is a family. From the ushers to the CEO and the oldest ex-players to the newborns wearing their silver and black onesies. At this time, I would like to open this thread as a direct message to Chris Johnson. I will try my best to get this in front of him at this difficult time with the hope that we will be able to make a small difference to him.

<Update: Chris Johnson is back at practice today:

Steve Corkran
Cornerback Chris Johnson has rejoined teammates, three days after his sister was killed and his mother shot by 46-year-old man in Texas.>