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2011 NFL Draft: Looking At The Oakland Raider's Choices: DeMarcus Love (OT-ARK)

After doing all of the Joseph Barksdale research I have found that there is an OT that I like better who is currently slated to fall into our laps. His name is DeMarcus Love (Gotta Love The Backwards Jersey In this Photo).

Love was named all SEC as an OT this past season and he stands at 6'5 and weighs 318 pounds.

Love constantly paved the way for successful offensive teams, culminating in his 2010 season where he protected the blind side of the 4th best passing offense in the NCAA.

The beauty about Love is that most of his experience has come at Guard, although he did win the afore mentioned All SEC award as a Tackle in 2010.

With all of the help that the Raiders need on the O-Line, having a flexible body who is quite capable would be something of immense value.

I know that we have our "Guards" up against anyone named "Anything"-Marcus from the SEC and DeMarcus did play with Michael Crabtree in High School, but something tells me that this young man is peaking at the right time and that we have not seen the best of Mr. Love...Yet!

It actually looks like Mr. Love's value may be dropping as we speak. According to The Sporting News, DeMarcus has already been moved from Tackle to Guard in the Senior Bowl and is falling in the eyes of scouts.

This could be one writer's overreaction or a real concern. I would like to interview DeMarcus and see if the move was to showcase him as a Guard, which many see him playing at the next level, or an actual demotion.

Facts like these will be key in evaluating the actual value of a player. I remember when Phil Loadholt was selected #54 overall by the Vikings in 2009. He was in a very similar situation to Love and Barksdale and he has started 31 straight games for the Vikings.

Oddly enough, the Sporting News got this one wrong by questioning his motor and technique:

writers at The Sporting News "don't feel he projects as a starter—certainly not in his first year."