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2011 NFL Draft Prospects: What Round Will Casey Matthews Be Selected In?

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After writing about two underachievers from the SEC that fell from the first round and are dropping faster than the zeros in JaMarcus Russell's bank account, I want to write about someone that has inspired passion in me as a fan and as a writer. Casey Matthews.

Matthews is the perfect middle linebacker in so many ways. He tackles, he gets behind the line to stop runs and he gets to the quarterback at key times. Casey is being judged in the shadow of his brother, so he does not seem as great.

CMJ (Clay Matthews Jr.) went to the immensely more popular USC, while Casey went off to Eugene to be a Duck! Oddly enough, they both played in Championship Games at the end of this season. Clay won his and Casey lost. They both caused key fumbles to give their teams the best shot of winning, but, Clay got to hold up the trophy.

The question about Casey isn't so much IF he will play in the NFL, it is, "What round will he be selected in?"

The "Pros" all have him available in the 4th and 5th rounds, and I just don't see it! Really!

Matthews has won on every single level he has been on. He led his High School team to a Championship in 2006 and then led his defense in the National Championship Game this year.

Here is what College Football News had to say about him:

"fundamentally sound, he diagnoses plays well and has a knack for filling the proper lane, a couple of keys to being a successful inside linebacker."

That sounds much better than, underachiever who looks lost, or, bad work ethic, or...You get the point.

So, back to the question, What round will Casey Matthews be drafted in?

And as a fan of your team, what round would you be willing to draft him?

I'd say that he is a surefire 3rd Rounder at worst.