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Oakland Raiders Daily Link Dump: 2-21-11

Today is the beginning of a new Silver and Black Pride. As a group we will be focusing on making sure that the site is never dormant and above and beyond that, we will be publishing more content than ever before. If you are interested in joining us on the front page in an effort to increase the quality and consistency of our articles, just send me a note or respond to this thread.

Part of this new content will be a Daily Link Dump. This is something that we did for years on AN, and it still exists today.

The basic premise is that you can link anything relevant to the Raiders, but, it is not limited to the Raiders. It can be a funny video, story or photo. Remember that all of the same posting rules apply, no porn, gambling sites or blatantly mean content.

So, to start this off I want to link in a site that has been with us since Day One. Raider News

Ally, over at Raider News, takes link dumping to an entirely different level and I am sure to read the site whenever I can.

Now, Dump away!

- Saint