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NFL Combine Produces Two Tight Ends That the Oakland Raiders Can Use: Lance Hendricks and Luke Stocker

It is a no brainer that the Oakland Raiders need a blocking tight end to allow Zach Miller to actually go out for pass plays.

Two Tight End that have caught my eye due to their bench press numbers are Luke Stocker and Lance Kendricks who each outlifted most of the offensive linemen.

That made me do some deeper investigation:

Luke Stocker - Tight End - Tennessee

Luke Stocker is a strong young man who stands at 6'5 and weighs in at 255 pounds. Stocker is an adept blocker who excels in the passing game because of his fantastic hands. He was the only Vol to grab a catch in every game of 2010, but, he needs to work on his in-line blocking.

My take - If Zach re-signs, then I'd have to pass on Stocker, especially since he is seen as a 2nd round pick

Here is a great write-up on him from our Big Blue View site

Lance Kendricks - Tight End - Wisconsin

Kendricks is the complete package that we can add in the 3rd round. He is 18th All-Time in receiving yards at Wisconsin and stands out as a fierce blocker for a team that has always boasted a grinding running game. He is projected to be selected in the 3rd Round and I would be happy to see him in Silver and Black.

Watching him lift, he had fire in his eyes and wee need that on our team, period. He would be a perfect bully on the line who can create mismatches in coverage and also play some fullback.

Once again a write-up from Big Blue View, who misses the point. Kendricks is a much better blocker and much meaner than the players he compares him to.