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Raider Nation Congratulation Thread: Charles Woodson

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As Robby1987 so readily pointed out, Charles Woodson is a well deserving recipient of his first Super Bowl Trophy:

I know this is off topic.

But congratulations to our former great CB Charles Woodson. He was with us when we lost our Superbowl to the Tampa Bay Bucs. He got injured in the first half of this game and it could have cost the Pack the Superbowl. So congrats to former Raider, someone I looked up to greatly when he was playing with us, and still follow because lets be real who wins a Heisman as a defender!


Watching C-Wood lead the defensive backfield by calling the plays and getting his boys in position was intriguing to anyone who watches for leadership and nuance on the gridiron. Truly, it looked as if the Packers would give up the lead without Woodson in the mix, yet, his teammates, at his guidance and tearful pleading, went out and WON the game.

On Charles' final play of the 2010-2011 season, displaying and further justifying his Heisman and Defensive POTY abilities and awards,  played a ball intended for the end zone perfectly as he rode his opposing receiver toward the sidelines and with every ounce of energy and centimeter of his length stretched out to tip the ball harmlessly to the ground. He was so extended that he broke his collarbone and finished the game cheering form the sideline.

Congrats Charles Woodson, I have known that you were a leader on of men since the time that I saw you walking 10-15 Raider players, all dressed like you, around the Arena during a Warrior game.

Now, with that said, LEAVE Namdi Alone!! ;)