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Raider Nation Congratulation Thread: Mr Aaron Rodgers

It is no secret that Al Davis has tried for years to get Aaron Rodgers from the Packers and wouldn't you know it, Mr. Davis picked the best young QB in the NFL and Mr Rodgers just welcomed everyone to his neighborhood.

During the Super Bowl, my sixteen year old son, Forrest, looked over at me and said, "You know one of the reasons that I like Aaron Rodgers? It's because the 49'ers don't have him and they are constantly reminded that they shouldn't have taken Alex Smith."

That resonates with all of us Bay Area football fans because the Forty-Niners desperately needed a young QB and they chose to draft A 19 year old kid from Utah instead of the 21 year old that grew up a Forty-Niner fan.

But, don't let the fact that his is NOT a 9'er confuse us all who know that Raider fans root for Aaron Rodgers because he went to Cal and because Al Davis has been fascinated in Aaron.

Aaron Rodgers first made major headlines in the East Bay by leading Cal to a win over USC in second career start as a Sophomore and then, as a Junior, took them to the Top of the Charts, No. 5, at season's end. His senior season was spent learning under Brett Favre.

As a Bay Area fan, I would like to congratulate Aaron Rodgers on a Super Bowl Victory and also let him know that the Silver and Black will be coming to Lambeau next year and there will be NO LOVE on that day, but, enjoy this, you've earned it and thank you for making Cal Football relevant in 2004!