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A Q&A With Oakland Raider Cornerback Stanford Routt

One of the great assets that we have added at SB Nation is the addition of Jimmie Shapiro. Shapiro sends us links from players that have been interviewed on the air. In this case it was Stanford Routt who touches on his new contract, working with Rod Woodson and what he remembers about participating in the scouting combine.

Here is an excerpt:


On what he thinks of new head coach Hugh Jackson and the new direction he thinks he’ll take the team:

"Yeah I think it’s going to be somewhat of a new direction. I really think it’s probably going to be more of a different angle per se than a different direction. Because Hugh, I know he’s a fighter. He’s definitely got a kamikaze all-out mentality obviously just like Tom Cable did. And you know, he’s going to do a great job. He’s going to do a great job just like he did last year with the offense. I think they finished number six or seven in the league in points scored, and like I said, it’s just going to get better this year."


Here is a link to the interview: Link