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The Grilliron Gang To Grill at Fred Biletnikoff's Golf Tourney

Last season Fred Biletnikoff graced our tailgates with his presence a grand total of four times. Each time he spent time with all of us and really enjoyed himself. 

It came as no surprise that he accepted Raider Bob's offer to barbeque on three of the holes at his charity golf tournament on June 6th, but I am still shocked that one of the All-Time greats has opened himself up to our tailgate.

Freddie B's Golf Tournaments are legendary for Oakland fans and ex-players alike. 

Here is a look at past Celebrities that have participated in the past:

Freddie B, Bo Jackson, Daryl Lamonica, Greg Townsend, Cliff Branch, Carl Weathers, Tim Brown, Rod Martin, "The Wiz", Rick Barry and the list goes on!

This is a great chance to show up and support a great cause, helping teens get off of drugs and re-establish their lives, and also get to know some former Raiders in theiri element. And did I mention the food?

Remember, if you go home hungry, it's your own damn fault! - Gary D

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