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My ONE NFL Fan Demand:

it is apparent to me and to many of you that read this site that there are three parts to the NFL, as  League. There are the players that though their sacrifice and sheer athletic ability create the spectacle. Then there are the owners who created this League and pay the bills that come in every day. The third part is what makes this League a viable enterprise, the fans .

As fans we have paid our hard earned money because we feel entertained and we enjoy the product in the field. In fact, the hard core fans who tailgate every week and create a great parking lot vibe are responsible for increase in attendance. I would even argue that "The Grill Iron Gang" and "the Black Hole" brough more people to the Coliseum last season than Darius Heyward-Bey.

So, as a voice in the Sea of Silver and Black, I want to make one single demand.

Do not charge me full rate for two Pre-Season games. Simple. In fact, freeze the rates for the first 8 games of the season and make the Pre-Season a Season Ticket Holder Right. Two complimentary meaningless games that I will not feel bad for missing.

I truly believe that the fans, the third part of this equation, are the most important part of the NFL. I mean, think about it, if the players were without foot ball, how many of them would be able to raise above, or even be, middle class? Where would they work?

"Hi, I run a 4.27 forty, and jump 36 inches i the air"

"Okay, then can you run as fast as you can to the end of the aisle and then jump and put this box of cereal on the top shelf?"

"You don't understand, I run a 4.27 forty and jump 36 inches in the air"

"No, you don't understand that in the minute I have waisted talking to you someone who runs a 6.5 forty and can barely bend over to tie their shoes would have had 10 boxes on the shelf!"

Then there are the owners who have neglected their old horses in a terrible manner. This group got rich off of young men shortening their lives and wasting their bodies and brains on steroids, collisions and concussions. They need to do a better job of protecting the players.

Do you not think that a new group of owners who had a better pension plan could replace these owners? This group has to get ths together or they lose as well.

Now, the one group that actually has a choice in this is the fans. We can still be fans, just not a fan of the NFL. I love baseball and I could get into Soccer and NCAA Football. In fact, it would be pretty easy of there were no NFl from Aug - Oct.

These guys had better be careful, because, like baseball in 1996, they are playing with fire!

If you care to join me in my demands by adding your own demand, please do so below.


- Saint

I know that this means that over time, you will start charging for the Pre-Season games again