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Your Sweet 16 Oakland Raider March Madness Bracket Is HERE!!!

If You Are Looking For a 2011 NCAA March Madness Bracket Click Here

Last week I asked you to provide your Top 4 OAKLAND Raiders of All-Time. The results are in and here they are

Tim Brown, Marcus Allen, Jack Tatum, John Madden, Gene Upshaw, Bo Jackson, Art Shell, Howie Long, Fred Biletnikoff, Jim Plunkett, Cliff Branch, Al Davis, Jim Otto, George Blanda, Nnamdi Asomugha, Kenny Stabler, Ted Hendricks

#1 Jim Otto vs #16 Nnamdi Asomugha

#2 Marcus Allen vs #15 Cliff Branch

#3 Jack Tatum vs #14 Art Shell

#4 Kenny Stabler vs #13 Ted Hendricks

#5 Fred Biletnikoff vs #12 Jim Plunkett

#6 Howie Long vs #11 Gene Upshaw

#7 Tim Brown vs #10 George Blanda

#8 Al Davis vs #9 John Madden

WOW! There look to be a few upsets in the later rounds, although I would be pretty surprised to see any of the Top 5 go down, I can very easily see the 10-12 seeds coming through. Interesting! This will kick off on Tuesday with Al Davis vs John Madden!