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Some Fun With A Sponsor: Juiced Apparel's Oakland Raider T-Shirt Naming

Recently SB Nation picked up a new sponsor for our sites, Juiced Apparel. The owner, Jannick, is a friend of one of our writers and he wants to sell his retro style T's on our sites. After speaking to Jannick, who was a cool cat, I mentioned that he didn't have a Retro Raider shirt. Then, my brain got to spinning and I asked him if he'd make a Raider one that we recommend. Jannick responded in the affirmative and now we get to pick the name or slogan that will be on a Raider retro T-Shirt.

The person who has their's picked will get a free shirt.

This is NOT an ad, by the way, I wanted to do this on our site and am doing it for free. 

What will it be? Hue's Army...Al Davis For Sith Lord..."Tatum" spelled in a retro font..."Raider Blogger"? Who knows?

Check out their styles and Have Fun with this!