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Oakland Raider Sweet Sixteen Countdown: Al Davis vs John Madden

Wow, nobody said this would be easy, and it isn't. Two of the faces that everyone has associated with the Oakland Raiders for nearly 40 years are squaring off in the First Round.

The Question is "Who is the Greatest Oakland Raider of All-Time?"

Al Davis: It is no question that Al Davis is the Oakland Raiders and has been from their inception. Some of this is because he really has been the only constant in their history and some of it is his contributions to the game of football, as a Head Coach for the the Raiders and also to the NFL as he was instrumental in the 1970 NFL-AFL merger.

The Oakland Raiders have won three Super Bowls in his tenure and he continues to re-load instead of re-tool as his Oakland Raiders look to be on the verge of another decade of sustained play-off runs.

John Madden: The king of Monday Night Football and the face that gave the Oakland Raiders respectability over the past 8 losing seasons. During the lean years we at least had John Madden to lean on as he was still relevant and IS an Oakland Raider.

As the Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders John Madden became a symbol of toughness, without being absurd and absurdity without being insane. John Madden brought a "BOOM" at the same time he brought his crayons to the party.

So, Raider fans, who moves on and who leaves the Top 16 tonight?