Were the Raiders to take a QB, this is the One ...

Colin Kaepernick is an amazing QB. If you watch him play you're struck by the velocity and accuracy of his throws and his apparent love and ability to run the ball. Colin's release is so quick and, maybe because Farve is his role-model, he throws into tight windows fearlessly and across his body with stunning velocity. What else comes across is Kaepernick's understanding of Defenses - he checks off, 1, 2, 3, zap - there goes the ball sizzling on a line downfield with hardly any arc - a bullet.

Because he played for Nevada, he did not get the "east-coast notoriety (hype) that many others in this draft-class received ... that's good for Oakland, which doesn't have a pick until mid- 2nd round which is where Colin will go.

Yes, I realize that our greatest weaknesses now are at ROT, OLB and possibly CB - depending on whether Nnam signs. But, a QB like Kaepernick, talented in every phase of the position: he's smart, brave, a leader, a cannon for an arm and fleet of foot (he loves to run) may not be someone we should let slip. The 49rs are trying him out today - this is who Harbaugh considers the substitute for Luck.

I also realize that the Raiders have always been Snake-bit drafting QBs. In fact, the only rookie QB to amount to anything for the Raiders in 50 years was a Snake - who ironically didn't bit us (though it did take Kenny 4 full years to become a starter). But with Hue and Saunder's eyes for QB talent (Boller notwithstanding), maybe now is the time to break the Rookie QB curse!

  • NevadaSchool
  • WACConference
  • 6'4⅝"Height
  • 233 lbsWeight
  • 33.4"Arm Length
  • 9.1"Hand Size


150.46 3,022 21

Kaepernick started four seasons for the Wolfpack and passed for 10,098 yards and 82 touchdowns. He rushed for 4,112 yards and 59 touchdowns.