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DeMaurice Smith Fires Back at Goodell and Pash

In an exclusive interview with the SB Nation NFL Writers, Head of the NFL Player's Union, DeMaurice Smith, and Union Rep, Takeo Spikes condemned the owners' offer as the worst deal in the "History of Contracts". He was not speaking about just the NFL CBA, but all CBA's in existence.

Here is a snippet, while we get the rest of the interview transcribed:

On player's reaction to the Owners' offer:

Takeo Spikes: The players that I've spoken with, and the pulse from everybody here, is that's the worst deal probably of the lifetime that was offered to any union. We feel like as players that if that deal was so great, for us to sign it, why would we walk away? It just doesn't make any sense if you look at all the particulars of the deal.


DeMaurice Smith:

 Everyone likes to focus on what happened during the last 15 days. Let me tell you what happened during 15 days of mediation: we had decision-makers in the room virtually every day. We had men from the executive committee, former players that sit on the executive committee, team reps in the room for 15 straight days. For most of that time, the NFL never had a decision-maker in the room. On the last day of mediation, the NFL proposed a deal that is, quote, would be the worst deal in the history of sports. So if it helps you just to run through just the first two years of their deal, I'm happy to do that.