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Oakland Raiders Receive A 7th Round Draft Pick:

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Officially, The Oakland Raiders have received the 240th pick in the NFL Draft. As a Compensatory Draft Choice, the pick cannot be traded. But, that is not a problem, as there are always great players who fall through the cracks in the draft and I would like to see this pick being used as a "Taking a Flyer" pick for a player like Lagarrette Blount last season.

It could also be used for a special teams blocker, safety project, D-Lineman, etc. Recently the Raiders have been pretty lucky with 7th rounders and undrafted rookie free-agents.

So, all of you Mock Draft Hounds, start reloading your ranking boards and start thinking about who may be the 240th player selected in the 2011 NFL draft.

My choice is Usain Bolt, I mean why not? He can run by anyone and he can't have worse hands than Darius Heyward-Bey. Afterall, a gift 7th Rounder is a fun pick.

Who is your "What the Hell" 7th Round Pick?