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S&B Pride's Home for Away Games, Ricky's Sports Bar Named Top 10 Sports Bar In The US

That's right Raider Nation, the US press is once again honoring Ricky's in San Leandro as one of the Top 10 Sports Bars in the US. Our Sports Bar nation Blogger, Rican Raider, found this Top 10 Sports Bars article (A Great Read) and posted it this week.

If you are a Raider fan and you haven't been to Ricky's then you are missing out on Oakland Raider hometown celebrations and one of the best away game experiences that Raider Nation has to offer. Ricky Ricardo, yes that is his God given name, has been entertaining the Raider players and the fans since he was a kid working for his dad, the original Ricky, and he always has his doors open to Raider fans.

This year he had Jim "Freaking" Otto show up for our draft party. yes, the party that only 3 of us showed up to. Shame on you guys!

Congrats Ricky and keep up the good work.

- Saint