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NFL Lockout: The Needs of the Fan Union

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What is up Silver and Black Pride? By rule, the NFL Lockout has prohibited me from talking football. Okay, that's not true at all—I have just been mind numbingly busy.

I apologize for my extended absence. Not because I feel bad for depraving you of my ramblings, this place has obviously been in good hands, but because I consider many of you to be friends. 

Enough of the sappy stuff I am here to talk non-football football: the lockout. I know this has been discussed, and has been summed up on this very site better than I am about to. So I will spare you by saving my diatribe for after the jump.

Let me just say that the point of my post is to ask you, as a fan, what you would like to see the NFL do for us. The NFL needs to hear our voice and not pull for us to side with them. Afterall, if we lock them out, they would cease to exist.

I know Raymond already touched on this. So forgive me of my redundancy, but I was not here to join in—so it doesn't count in my world. 

Also, I am brainstorming on a more lighthearted lockout piece for the next few days. So please excuse the seriousness of this one, but I needed to get these frustrations off my chest. This is my group therapy. 

You know, maybe the Mayans were onto something when they stopped their calendar at 2012. The evidence of doom is all around, and the madness vibrates at a panicked, high-pitch state that suggests the walls are closing in, but no one is really sure where the increasing pressure is coming from.


If the world is not coming to an end, then it likely was just not worth foreseeing.


The U.S. is waging three separate wars and the only realistic hope of downsizing would appear to be consolidating them into one world orgy of destruction.


Why not? Enough of the globe is enshrouded in the carnage of bombs and the explosion of bodies that it feels pointless to do anything but participate in it. Let's just step headlong into madness.


Besides, the destruction being laid by the hands of man is being erased into oblivion by the increasingly angry and aggressive attacks of mother nature.


Earthquakes, Tsunamis and erupting volcanoes are just the recent local news in Japan. In the U.S. We have birds falling from the sky and fish turning belly up and of course scientists have explanations, but the exponential jumps in the bizarre of the dark course of these events makes these explanations seem little more than the mathematics of the apocalypse.


It is hard to feel or be sane, safe and secure.


Now more than ever, we need something to turn to for quick respite as we wander through the darkness. Some little piece and place of solace to turn to with friends and family to reassure us that life is not spinning as frighteningly out of control as it may appear.


For me and many others that place is the staged battlefield of the NFL. And what is the NFL doing? They are fighting over the dispersal of billions of dollars.


When I turn on SportsCenter, or check out a website, or look at whatever it is I am going to look at to get my daily sports fix I am inundated with the images of men in suits carrying brief cases and luggage and a sense of haughty self-importance into huge cement buildings so they can talk to other well-dressed men with inflated egos.


The media feeds their sense of power, and that sense of power feeds the media. It is a machine of narcissism.


Roger Goodell walks like the weight of the world is weighing him down, and then he acts like the world is waiting for him to save it.


The head of the player's non-union slicks himself up like he is looking to score his own reality show. And players issue statements like Adrian Peterson's comment calling his employment to the present-day slavery.


And both sides pander and play victims in the press to win the sympathy of the fans!


Sympathy? These assholes don't want sympathy. They want us to side with them as a bargaining piece. So they can get richer than they already are. We are merely pawns in the game they are fortunate enough to be playing.


And they are so out of touch with the brutal realities of the real world that they actually think we are going to care.


They are right about one thing—I am going to take a side, and that is the side of me, the fan.


I understand negotiations can be a complex and involved process, but just do it quietly and quickly. It was foolish to let it arrive at this point in the first place. Why didn't these hardball negotiations start last year? Whatever, that is your game, and your folly. Just kindly leave me out of it.


Please know that as you plead your case to me I begin to loathe myself a little more with each passing day for caring about you in the first place. You are a guilty distraction, and a luxurious passion.


Every inch of guilt I feel for caring takes away a yard of enjoyment. How can these guys have so much money while there is so much pain?

Why are people donating their hard-earned money to help Japan recover when these guys can't figure out who should get the extra billion or ten off of the top of an enterprise already making them wealthy?

These people have the foolish audacity to think I will pick a side other than "I resent you" while they drive in limos and fly in private jets to discuss a game. In the meantime I am attempt to see how much money I can spare out of my in debt pocket to help a friend—a college graduate—who was let go in a down economy, and is consequently between jobs, without health care, and recently had his 9-month old baby fall horribly ill, placed on life-support only to pass away.

His story is tragic. His anguish is beyond comprehension. I only bring this up as an example to point out the folly of the NFL trying to get us to care about there problems, and both sides playing the martyr. 

My friend isn't playing the martyr and he refuses financial help; my broke ass is blessed and thankful, and we both lay in a majority of this glorious population who do what they can to make it from one day to the next as they face various levels of catastrophe.


And these foolish, blind and out of touch millionaire and billionaire chumps want us to take sides between them! What a joke.


If we don't care, they don't exist. Take heed NFL you are biting the hand that feeds you.


Build a bond with your fans instead of alienating them. Take care of your housecleaning quietly and quickly.


And while you are at it how 'bout this? Take the biggest portion of that money and give it back to the fans. Lower the ticket prices. As Raymond said, how about not charging full price for preseason games.


I want to see them go further than that. Let a normal working family go to and enjoy a game. Save one luxury suite per game for a group of underprivileged children and/or veterans who suffered injuries in battle.


Ensure concessions are normal prices. Make sure anyone who has played in the league has enough to pay for their medical bills. Fund medical research into the exploration of head-trauma. I want to see more charity involvement beyond Play 60.


These are just the ideas off the top of my head. What else do you guys have?


The NFL is a privilege. Owners and Roger Goodell talk about players adhering to a higher standard to partake in this privilege. Now it is time they do the same thing.


Tell us what you are going to do for us instead of asking us to do something for you. Give back to the fans that make you. It is a win-win situation.


Or else we the fans are going to lock you out.