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My Thoughts On JaMarcus Russell Losing His Oakland Mansion

JaMarcus doesn't care, really he doesn't. Like many of the people who have walked away from homes that they were upside down in, he simply let this one go after Al Davis let him go. He doesn't live there and probably hasn't since he was fired.

This does not mean that he is going broke or that he spent his JaMillions on so much Purple Drank that he  lost his mind. No, it is just a plain and simple matter of someone not being bale to sell their house when they bout it for 2.4 million and it is worth 1.4 million, if that.

So, save the JaMarcus Russell has lost all of his money talk for four years from now, when he really is broke. Until then, let's continue to erase the stink that WAS JaWalrus from our noses and be even more thankful to have Jason Campbell leading the ship.

Go Raiders!