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2011 Will be The Year of The Campbell! Bruce and Jason Campbell to Start For Raiders in 2011

Now, before you go all crazy on me about my zest for the Campbell's, you must know that I am a direct descendant of the Bloody Campbell's who ruled Scotland for quite a while, so, I get excited about Campbell's in general.

To be direct with my zest, I imagine an offensive line of Veldheer, Campbell, Wiz, Cannon and Walker. That would be a mean mauling offensive line that would easily dominate even the fiercest D-Lines up fornt. With Darren McFadden running behind that strong and fast to the second level line he could run for 2,000 yards.

Imagine Bruce Campbell pulling and getting out front of McFadden after Wiz, Walker and Cannon open a hole. If you had the pleasure of watching Bruce Campbell on Special teams last year, you know that he can take on multiple quick defenders and open holes in space.

McFadden being a beast and the line dominating will open up screens and deep balls for Ford, Bey and Murphy and not to mention keep Jason healthy.

Say what you want about Mr. Davis' decision to sign his players to big time contracts, but, if this Gallery for Campbell move works out, Al will once again look like a genius.

Now, find a way to move up and get Wiz, while keeping this year's second for Cannon and we'll be there.