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Oakland Raider Final Four: You Choose!

I need 4 volunteers to do write ups on 4 All-Time Oakland Raiders. The concept will be simple. Use this thread to list your Top 4 Oakland Raiders of All-Time and we will rank them over the next two weeks and have them go head to head in a poll on April 4th.

If we get 32 names and 8 writers then we can expand the pool to 32, of not, it will be Top 16.

Any questions?

For me, the number one Oakland Raider is Jim Otto. Otto would make the final cut to be the logo of the NFL. Heck, in four leters he managed to get two O's into his last name! the man, is the "O" or "Ox2".

Number two on my list is Jim Plunkett. He is from the Bay and exemplifies everything that it is to be a Raider, both, on and off the field.

Number three would have to be Freddie B. Freddie through out the first pitch for my Little League season in San Lorenzo one year and has joined us at our tailgates on a regular basis, oh, yeah, he is also one of the best NFL receivers of All-Time. Whenever the Snake was seeing double, Freddie B was able to catch for himself and his shadow!

Number Four is John Madden. There is no doubt that the name John Madden has kept a level of respect from the newer generation for the struggling Raiders and John has become the greatest football icon of the last 20 years. He still respects his Coach, Al Davis, the fans and the City of Oakland. he is in my Top Four. You know what, someone needs to figure out a Jersey For John Madden, he deserves to walk with the great Raider names of old on the back s of the Raider Faithful.

Those are my four. Go ahead and either list or write-up your four and then we can see how many names we have and how many in depth (Links to stories, wiki, photos) articles we can get written to each player.