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Oakland Raiders Daily Links: March 7th 2011

Cam Inman makes a great case for what the Niners and Raiders can get out of this new contract negotiation, a new stadium!

I, a creature of habit and overblown nostalgia, can even see that the Raiders need a new stadium. So, let's support a joint stadium in the East Bay. (Saint ducks from flying garbage)

Fred Biletnikoff will be holding his annual golf tourney on June 6th. If you've never been, it is the best chance you will have to mingle with all of the living greats and support a great cause, young teens who are getting over substance abuse.

All is still quiet on the Asomugha Front!

This is a good thing. Let the pieces move around and we shall see what game we are playing before Nnamdi is re-signed.

Then there is also this beer ranking on Sports Bar Nation that looks like fun!

That's all I have for now, link away!