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SOB’s Oakland Raiders 2011 Mock Draft

2nd Round, 16th Pick, 48th Overall, pick value 420 pts.

Colin Kaepernick QB  6-4+ 233 40=4.53

Destined for greatness, Colin will be better than Sam Bradford 

If gone, Marcus Cannon OT 6-5 358 225x33 40=5.26 (playing) (speaking)


3rd Round, 17th Pick, 81st Overall, pick value 185 pts.

 Robert Sands, FS  6-4+ 217 40=4.53

Sandman is awesome … Jack Tatum must love him and we’ll thank ourselves for taking him for years to come

If gone, Jaiquawn Jarrett, FS


4th Round, 16th Pick, 112nd Overall, pick value 70 pts.

Casey Matthews, LB  6-1 231 40=4.70

Hard-wired football instincts get him to the ball like a bee to its hive


5th Round, 17th Pick, 145th Overall, pick value 33.5 pts.

Rob Housler, TE   6-5 248 40=4.46 225x22

Strong, speedy, sure-handed TE converts to possession WR to fill a major need


 6th Round, 16th Pick, 176th Overall, pick value 21 pts.

Mark Herzlich, LB, 6-4 244 40=4.76 225x29  

Been to hell and back and will help get us out of our rush defense hell

If gone, Chris Hairston, OT 6-6 326 225 x 33 40=5.38

HairyBeast low center of gravity and heralded strength


7th Round, 17th Pick, 209th Overall, pick value 7.8 pts.

Bryant Browning, OT  6-3 316



Blaine Sumner, NG  6-1 335 225x52 40=5.36