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Oakland Raiders 2011 NFL Draft Big Board:

Last year this was one of the highlights of my season and was probably one of my favorite moments in my tenure here. 

I will never forget sitting at Ricky's with Jim Otto, Spirals and SOB as we blogged away with our fellow S&BPers, whittling down the remaining options, round over round.

With most of our Mock Drafts done and many of our prospects uncovered, let's start building the Big Board!

1) Players we would trade up to get: Colin Kaepernick. There I said it and I am putting my money where my mouth is. This kid is the best QB in this draft class and he fits our team perfectly. He is mobile, can throw the deep ball and is more accurate than anyone we've had here since Gannon. And that is it for me. There will be enough talent at #48 that I don't want the Raiders to lose any later picks to get anyone besides "Kape".

2) Second Round Depth Chart: Danny Watkins, Marcus Cannon, Stefan Wisniewski

Now you guys pick me up for the third round onward!

On a sad note, I will be in Chicago for the draft this year and will not be around. I suggest that we keep the Big Board thing going though. Thoughts? 

Here is a look at our big Board for the Final day last season. I must say that we did pretty dang well!