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2011 NFL Schedule: A Raiders' Season of Travel and Extremes

The NFL has released its 2011 schedule. Now they just have to make sure the players can actually take the field to partake in it. Bryhnno already gave us the link to the schedule, but here it is a again. The Raiders have the 23rd hardest schedule, but it is certainly not without its challenges.

We already knew the teams, but now we know when and where (wait did we already know where?). Also, the when remains indefinite as we are in a lockout. For now, I am just going to assume they will start the season on time. So here is a quick schedule overview:

Outside of the AFC West the Raiders will be hosting the Jets, Patriots, Browns, Bears and Lions. They will be traveling to take on Bills, Vikings, Texans, Dolphins and Packers. That is a lot of frequent flyer miles.

The Raiders are going to have to prepare for some cold weather games as they have December dates in Kansas City and Green Bay. The Kansas City game is a Saturday on Christmas Eve. Sorry Kansas City faithful. You will be getting coal in your stockings this year.

The Raiders have a couple of prime time games. They open on Monday Night in Denver, and they'll go to San Diego for a Thursday matchup with the Bolts. They will undoubtedly get flexed to some Sunday prime time games as they quest for an undefeated season.

It is a schedule of extremes, and for the Raiders sake we need to hope this season starts on-time, and not say in Week 3. The Raiders start at Denver and then travel to Buffalo—great success. Then they will be faced with the task of hosting the Jets and Patriots—Richard Seymour is excited for Week 4. That is going to be one thrilling 4-0 start!

We are going to have plenty of time to dissect this schedule, but I thought I'd throw up a few words on the back of Bryhnno's fan shot to get our discussion and trash talk rolling.

Personally, I'm looking forward to November 27th when the Bears roll into Oakland. I am really hoping that Jay Cutler's brutal knee injury has healed enough that he will be able to get on the field so he can get dominated, once again, by the Raiders. I mean there is the thrill of victory, and then there is the thrill of making Jay Cutler look bad. Watching Tom Brady leave the Black Hole in tears is going to be pretty great, too.

Think about this. The Raiders are going to have a chance to beat and beat on Philip Rivers, Tim Tebow, Jay Cutler and Tom Brady a combined six times.