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NFL Draft 2011: No Way Colin Kaepernick is Around for the Raiders at 48

Colin Kaepernick was invited to the 2011 NFL Draft. He declined the invitation, but this is not a good sign for him being a Raider. It certainly doesn't mean he won't be available at No. 48. We don't need to look back any further than last year to see this. Jimmy Clausen got a golden ticket last year , and he went No. 48. However, it is beginning to look less and less likely that he will be around when the Raiders make their selection.

A quick look across Al Gore's internets paints a bleak picture in regards to Mr. Kaepernick's availability at No. 48. MSNBC has this bit of info for us:

According to Bill Huber of Packer Report, Colin Kaepernick's recent draft invite was sent by the league after "several teams" told the NFL he is the top rated quarterback on their boards.

Huber is insistent about this information, citing "someone who knows" and presumably handles invites to Radio City Music Hall.

Wait, there's more.

According to Evan Silva of Pro Football Talk

"The league source says that one head coach for an AFC West team has Kaepernick rated as the No. 1 quarterback on his club’s draft board."

Could this be Action Jackson? The Raiders are the only AFC West team to bring him in for an official visit. The Chiefs and Broncos both worked out Kaepernick. According to Aaron Wilson of NFP the Raiders and Titans are the only teams to have official visits with Kaepernick. Besides the Broncos and Chiefs he has also worked out for the Dolphins, Browns, 49ers and Eagles.

Then, in an article from, Chip Smith—a QB trainer who has spent time working with both Kaepernick and Newton—raves about Kaepernick and states he is superior athlete to Newton and then throws this cherry on top:

"Of the 56 quarterbacks I've worked with, Colin is the most prepared for the NFL. I've never seen the kind of complete package like Colin Kaepernick has."

And Jason LaConfora tweeted he "merits first-round consideration."

My guess right now is a team is going to trade into the tail end of the first-round to grab Kaepernick. I would love to see Kaepernick on the Raiders, but at the same time I want this team to win this season. If Kaepernick is available at No. 48 I'd be ecstatic. That said, unless they can trade picks from future drafts to move up, I think they need to hold onto their picks. They have holes to fill and they need to focus on bringing in players that can fill them right away.