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NFL Draft 2011: Raiders FS Search—Jaiquawn Jarrett Edition

Next in up in our quest to identify the best fit for the Raiders in 2011 NFL draft is Temple's Jaiquawn Jarrett. Jarrett started for Temple mid-way through his freshman year and never let go of the position. He has solid size at 6' and 198 pounds. But he has below average speed. He ran the 40 in 4.65 seconds at the combine, and that 40 time was good enough for him to not run it again at his Pro Day. He is most commonly projected as a third early/mid third to early fourth-round pick.

Here is's take:

Jarrett is a very productive collegiate safety, but he may lack the size and speed to make an impact at the next level. He is a four-year starter that seeks out contact in run support and breaks down ball carriers in the open field. In the passing game, he uses very good recognition skills to effectively cover the deep-third of the field despite less than ideal speed. It remains unclear if his toughness and instinctual advantages can make up for his size and speed deficiencies in the NFL, but he has a great attitude and work ethic and should be a middle round pick.

I really don't see the size deficiency they speak of—not for a free safety. There is no denying his lack of speed though. What sticks out to me here is that he uses his instincts and recognition to make up for the lack of speed to cover the deep third. And as a potential Raider free safety this is of vital importance. The jury is certainly out if this is something he could handle in the NFL. doesn't think so:

Will take poor angles at times in run defense, needs to play a little more under control... Could stand to add a little weight if he is to continue playing the safety position at the next level... Is not very well suited for playing the center field, one-deep safety position

Going on that report alone this guy is a definite pass for the Raiders. However, that report, especially on the angles, is up for debate. Check out the highlights of the National Football Post's scouting report:

But overall he's a long-armed guy who does have the balance to break down, take good angles toward the football and wrap up consistently in space. ... However, plays faster than his timed speed would indicate because of his impressive change of directions skills....His ability to cleanly open up his hips when getting after the football is as good as any safety in the class. Also has improved his instincts and physicality as a tackler this season and looks like a guy who can make a roster and fight for playing time down the line.

So we have a few conflicting reports. We do know that Jarrett is high character, hard working guy that plays the game with tremendous passion and no fear. He is smooth and efficient in his movements, but not at all fast. And he is a big hitter for the free safety position.

Here is a highlight to get you jacked up. Jarrett can definitely lay the smack down. And pocket your opinions as we have to extend the free safety series as LiveAdam pointed out we have to include Chris Culliver. If there is anyone else we should include mention him in the comments or put up a post and we'll include him in the poll.