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NFL Draft 2011: Raiders FS Search—Chris Prosinski Edition

Our 2011 NFL Draft free safety prospect train pulls up to the late rounds as we take a look at Wyoming's Chris Prosinski. I have to admit, I had never even heard of this kid, but bryhnno had brought him up in his most over and underrated post and then mentioned him again in the comments of the Jaiquawn Jarrett report. And he definitely brings enough to the table to earn a look in our FS search.

Prosinski is 6' and 201 pounds. He spent his entire college career at free safety. And it was a productive, but not flashy career. He finished fourth all-time in tackles at Wyoming, and 45th in the NCAA with 108 tackles as a senior in 2010. He also had three INTs as a senior.  As a junior he racked up 140 tackles. That doesn't say a lot about Wyoming's front-seven, but Prosinski obviously has a nose for the ball.  Jump over for the reports....

I didn't find a ton of information on Prosinski. And that is because he was not garnering a lot of attention. He did not attend the NFL Combine, and I am assuming this is because he was not invited. Here is what the National Football Post had to say:

Possesses good overall size for the position and does a decent job sitting into his stance in his drop, keeping his feet under him and not wasting a ton of motion when asked to click and close. However, he still has a tendency to get upright which causes him to struggle to generate a real burst when asked to close on the football. Seems to get doubled over at the waist at times when trying to redirect vs. the pass game and isn't a guy who will be able to hold his own in man or in a centerfield-type role.

Impression: He's limited athletically, will struggle in space at the next level and doesn't showcase much as a tackler when asked to break down vs. the NFL-caliber backs he faced. More of high character/effort free agent who will struggle to make a team.

We have the ever damning—in Raiderland—can't play centerfield role. However, this may be something he can learn, and you can just downright forget about the limited athletically comments. Check out this report by CBS Sports:

Few expected the All-Mountain West pick to post a 4.39 40, 39 1/2-inch vertical, 4.28 short shuttle, and 11-foot-2-inch broad jump [at his Pro Day].

Centerfielder with straight-line speed and high football intelligence. Excellent closing speed when getting to the sideline or to ballcarriers over the middle. Most secure tackler on the team when technique is sound, keeps legs moving and uses arms to wrap after contact.

Sometimes resorts to ducking his head on open-field tackles instead of staying low and square. Not an intimidating hitter. Hesitates when plays slow down instead of inserting himself into the pile to prevent further yardage. Engulfed near the line on run plays by linemen and larger tight ends. Inconsistent finding his way through trash when flying up into the box.

Those are some eye-popping numbers, and it was likely enough to get him drafted in the sixth-round. Okay, let's check out one more scouting report:

A physical safety who is a smart, disciplined player. Plays well versus the run, as he takes good angles to the ball and delivers explosive hits on ball carriers. Smart in coverage who reads routes well and puts himself in position to make plays. Makes plays on the ball. A competitive player who plays to the whistle and gives great effort every play. Has very good makeup speed, and will be no liability in coverage. Should be a strong ST contributor from day one.

Lacks great size and (despite his timed speed) overall athleticism that leaves him vulnerable in coverage against top-notch, quick-twitch slot receivers, especially in man coverage. His balance in space suffers and he will miss tackles occasionally in one-on-one situations. Lacks position versatility. No return game resume to speak of, and will have to depend on his kick coverage for a roster spot, initially. May never be more than a dime back.

All of these scouting reports together would seem to paint a picture of a guy that has not figured out how to use his freakish athletic ability on the field, but after watching the below video I think his speed is definitely on display. He covers a lot of ground.


He may not be the quickest or have the smoothest change of direction, but he can definitely run. His game does not have a lot of explosion and he may not be the biggest hitter, but he certainly isn't afraid of contact. 

I should also mention he has been durable, and given the fact that he was recruited by IVY league schools I am guessing he aint dumb.

Okay, unless someone mentions someone else, I'll post a recap and a brief view of free agent possibilities later, and then we'll poll it up.